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Sun tanning!

The doctor says that I am supposed to sun tan daily!  I am trying to lower by bilirubin levels and the sun is one of the best ways to do it.  Oh man, I think I like this!

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  1. WOW ! What a great model already! LOL We might need to use some of those Pic’s at the hospital …… parents sometimes don’t quite get what we mean by indirect sunlight …… those are beautiful pic’s !!

  2. Beautiful orchids, some music by Izi (sp?) and I have a Jeff and Caitlin moment…oops, make that a Jeff, Caitlin, Ryland moment. I’m so glad the planets were alined and the Gods favored my participation in the process of bringing your precious son into this world. Caitlin brought all of her grace and strength to the birth and Jeff, even tho you were outside your comfort zone, gave your Caitlin your unwavering support and love. I have been blessed by being part of and witness to this birth. Ann
    PS…Because of your sage advice Jeff I am now the proud owner of the 5DMarkII. Please call me for any photographs requiring an iso greater than 3200….I’ll be there. Again thank you for everything.

  3. Looks as if all the sunshine the world needs is coming out of that beautiful boy.

  4. Wow, Ryland. What a nice way to take a nap. You’ve really figured out some of best positions for suntanning. (Someday Uncle Kevin will show you how to lay on your tummy and make room for your pecs.) I hope the sunshine does it’s job and lowers your bilirubin levels soon. Happy 1 week birthday!

    Love you lots,

    Aunt Helen

    P.S. The photos are gorgeous!

  5. Love the pics!!! Days old, and already blog-stalked. *laf. Hope the sun helps!

  6. Hey-It’s been 4 days already. Where are the new pictures?!?!

    Hope everybody continues to do well. Helen shared Cait’s latest email about Ryland’s growth. Can’t wait to meet the new member of the family.

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