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My first trip!

One month old and I have been to Phoenix, Las Vegas, and Denver!  Here are some images from our trip to Vegas for the WPPI tradeshow.

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  1. Oh, Ryland, you are such a busy boy! Traveling is a lot of fun. It’s so cool that you have been so many places already.

    We are going to be traveling next weekend — to see YOU! We can’t wait to meet you. It will be a totally fun time.

    Love you, cutie pie.

    Aunt Helen

  2. I can’t believe you guys already allow Ryland to drive around with girls in the stroller!! LOL Who is his girlfriend anyway?? LOL

  3. Aunt?

    Don’t you mean Great-uncle Helen?


  4. Of course, Helen’s a great Aunt! She always was!

    Finally, some wonderful pix of Mom Caitlin, too! Hey, Jeff, we love to see her (and you), too!

    Ryland’s so cute he’s got to be the best bet in all of Las Vegas!

    Hope it was a good show for you guys and not too tiring.


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