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More Bath Pictures!

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  1. Hey, he actually does look like his Uncle Jimmy in picture 12–the one with the scrunchy face! Have a great conference and travel safely!

  2. I agree that there might be a slight Castillo influence in this beautiful baby, but I don’t see Uncle Jimmy in picture 12 so much as as see Granny Mousie in picture 9. We’ll see you soon.


  3. Dear Ryland,

    Don’t let Aunt Mousie and Uncle Jimmy worry you. Uncle Jimmy only looks like photo #12 if he has to eat jello or hot ham. Someday we will show you that in person. (don’t tell Jimmy, we’ll surprise him and snap pics right away, okay?)

    I love all the photos all the time, but tonight’s favorite for me is #8. It shows how much you love and trust your mom, even in slippery, soapy water. Someday baths will be your favorite part of the day. 🙂

    Can’t wait to see you, little buddy. Miss you and love you.

    Aunt Helen

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